Buying Bathing Suits for Women – Know What Type Would Suit Your Body Type

Buying Bathing Suits for Women – Know What Type Would Suit Your Body Type
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Bikinis are as must have if you love to be in the waters and this time it would be easier for you to choose the swimwear that would suit your body type and taste. The bust line and the tummy area are the two main areas that define your body type. At Shopellejay we have a whole collection of amazing bikini bathing suits all so stylish and trendy.

So, read more to discover more about bathing suits for women:


Large bust

For a large bust, support is the most important factor so it’s ideal to choose bikini bathing suits that have underwire, adjustable straps for extra support. For a heavy bust, the thicker the better it is.  You can also choose attractive halters, bathing suits having higher armpits and necklines. You can choose swimsuits that are of the size of your usual bra.

Simply because your bust is larger in size its god not to choose bathing suits with no ruffles and embellishments, the chest area must not be the focus. Do not wear the skimpy ones or the triangle tops because you won’t get the much needed support.


Small bust

If your bust is smaller in size or very perfect, you do not need the extra support. You can shop for swimwear that would make your chest area look larger. Bikinis that offer minimal coverage would look amazing, like the bandeaus, triangle tops, the two-pieces.  Your swimsuits could also have bold prints, polka dots or heavy embellishments so that your chest area gets enough focus. If you desire a little more cleavage, you can choose push-ups or padded ones and feel a little sexier. After all you must avoid tops with no support at all.


Sporty figure

Sporty ones are for those who have a straight figure with lesser curves, you need to choose styles that flaunt your body and you can also showoff your lower half of the body. Boy shorts, shapeless tank tops and bandeaus are really not for you. You can choose sports collection that comes in prints, ruffles and embellishments to add more feminine look, this would even create an illusion of curves. Cutouts one pieces or monokinis are idea for you. You would even look amazing in tie sides bikini bottoms.


If you have a tummy

If you have a tummy, majority of your weight would be focused in the middle portion. If you wish to mask it, avoid wearing very tight one piece and while buying micro bikini bottoms, make sure you buy the high-waist ones instead of the skimpy bottoms. Tanks would look amazing and would also flatten your stomach area and this is very much in trend now.  You can also choose to buy swimwear with shirring particulars, simply perfect to hide the bulges.


The hour glass figure

The hour-glass figure is considered to be very perfect; you have fuller thighs, wide hips, nicer butts and fuller busts. Shopellejay has swimsuits and bikinis that help to focus the curves and also offer coverage. You can choose solid colors, small prints; an underwire would be amazing for support. It’s good to avoid the strings tops and bottoms; you would not like to accentuate your widest areas after all.


So, now that you have an idea about which type of bikini bathing suits would look good on your figure, explore the Shopellejay online store. Get a discount of 20% if you are shopping for the first time and get free shipping for shopping over $50.



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