The Various Types of Bikini Bottoms that Shopellejay Showcases at Online Store

The Various Types of Bikini Bottoms that Shopellejay Showcases at Online Store
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Searching for a perfect bikini bottom can be pretty intimidating because there are so many different styles, and you would be busy choosing from those, the one that matches your booty. Buying Micro Bikini Bottoms is not very easy; it needs research to purchase the ideal one, the bottom that will suit you ideally.  You must choose based on your body shape, so here are a few of the styles you can choose from: 

Brazilian Pants 

Do you have a smaller bum that needs to look fuller; a Brazilian pant can seem very intimidating. But if you have a full bum, this pant would give the opposite effect. So, it's time to buy the Brazilian pants that have more fabric looks stylish and helps you to flaunt. 

High-waist panties

A high-waisted bikini bottom can look very chic and retro; it emphasizes your curves and gives the necessary support. Our high-waist pants offer superb coverage, look sophisticated, and make you look glamorous. This style also lifts a flat or smaller bum. 

Tie Side pants

Do you have a big bum? Side pants would look stunning; it a must-have when you are packing for a beach vacation. When you buy tie-side pants, you have the freedom to choose the amount of coverage you need, you can decide to what extent you want to lift your bottom. Again, if you have flat booty, there are side pants that will create an illusion of higher coverage and will draw attention. You can make the adjustment based on body shape. 

Hipster pants 

When you talk about hipster pants, you also need to talk about love handles. A thick waistband sits gently on the tummy and even the lower back. This style mainly accentuates your waistline, you can flaunt your curves with confidence. In case you possess a boxy butt, or if the shape of your body is athletic, this hipster style bikini bottom can do magic by adding curves. Check our website for various styles of hipster pants. 

At Shopellejay, we have a stock of bikini bottoms to suit all body shapes; we also have a guide if you are looking for more inspiration. So, now you know how to choose the ideal bikini/micro bikini bottom. Be more confident when you hit the beach this time. 

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