Shopping for Women’s Swimsuit For Pear Shaped Body

Shopping for Women’s Swimsuit For Pear Shaped Body
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Shopping is a past time that most women love. But there is one article of clothing that women tread cautiously around. That item is women's swimsuits. The variety of swimsuits available at stores and online are overwhelming. Most of them are worn by beautiful models who are airbrushed and posed to perfection. But most women don’t look like that and that’s OKAY! Every woman is gorgeous as herself. The problem is this can deter women from buying a bathing suit because they are comparing themselves to others. The trick is to buy for your body type. We’re going to provide some tips and tricks for what to look for if you’re a woman with a pear-shaped body.
First, know what a pear shape body is. A woman with a pear-shaped body is smaller on the top and curvier at the hips and thighs. With a pear shape you should look for swimsuits that balance your proportions from top to bottom. You should aim for swimsuits that offer you more coverage for the bottom.

Izzy Top
Have a strap hang down the center of the stomach creates a slimming effect. Shop this look.
Here are a few pointers that can help while you are shopping for swimsuits.
Firstly, steer away from thick-banded bottoms or boy shorts. Remember that the extra fabric will make your bottom portion look larger. This will bring more attention to the area which you are trying to balance out. You may prefer a simple, no-frills skirted bottom.

Buzios Top
This option is great for pear shapes. The bottom has a thick strap and color blocking to create an illusion of a slimmer bottom. Shop the look.
With a pear-shaped body your top should help create an even look. Go for swimsuits that have a deep neckline. The top grabs the attention and creates an hourglass effect.
A swimsuit is much like your second skin. It should make you feel comfortable and confident. So, while choosing a swimsuit for yourself, keep your body’s requirements in mind and choose the perfect swimwear to accentuate your assets in the best way possible.

Here is another great look for pear shaped women.

Lauren Top
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