7 Tips to Buying the Perfect Bikini Tops for Women

7 Tips to Buying the Perfect Bikini Tops for Women
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Over the past 50 years, swimwear for women has changed dramatically. Just like fashion, swimwear continues to evolve and change and allows women to embrace their bodies and feel confident at the beach or pool. Today, women prefer going to the beach in slimming one-pieces, or modern chic bikinis.
The two-piece has remained consistently popular and ever-changing, along with the needs and desires of modern women. The age-old problem continues to be buying a bikini that flatters your body and makes you feel beautiful and confident. Several factors need to be taken into consideration while making your choice.

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Here are some tips on how to buy the best bathing suit for your body!

Find it Online:

Swimsuit season is in full swing, and that means it’s time to start searching for your new go-to summer suit. Going straight to the store seems to be the most practical option in terms of trying it on, but your options will immediately dwindle. Also, frustrations can run high when trying bathing suits on one after another in bad lighting in a tiny dressing room, and with not many options to choose from. Hence, going online proves to be the best option to explore variations in terms of style, colors, and textures.

Don’t Force the Fit:

Remember, just because the swimsuit looks cute on someone else does not mean that it is going to flatter you and your body type. You may come across certain bikini tops and bottoms that of course look great on models, but always keep in mind your body type and what styles flatter you. So, opt for the one that fits you and your personality. Keep exploring until you find one that fits your body type.

Focus On What You Like

Focus on parts of your body that you love. For example, if you want to accentuate your midsection then try bikini or a cinched waist one-piece. If you like your back try a scoop in the back to show off your toned body. Always show off what you love so you feel confident when you’re hitting the beach or laying by the pool.

Camouflage is Key

Everyone has something that they don’t feel entirely comfortable showing off. That’s where the “camouflage” comes in. There are ways to distract or hide parts of your body you don’t want to show off. Try wearing dark and solid colors because they have a slimming effect. Maybe on certain days, you might feel insecure about your stomach. Choosing a two-tone color will give an overall slimmer look.

Know Your Colors

There is such an array of choices when it comes to colors that it can become confusing to choose. Knowing what looks best on your skin tone is paramount to feeling and looking good in your bathing suit. If you have a darker complexion, stick to richer colors and jewel tones because they’ll make you look radiant. Lighter skin tones should focus on darker colors, bright colors, and be wary of pastels because they can sometimes wash you out.  

Learn to Create Illusions

Learn to create illusions by donning options like higher cut bottoms. It makes your legs look longer, giving you a leg’s for days look. Sweetheart cut looks great on smaller chests. A one piece can minimize your waist and give you an hourglass figure. These tips and tricks are helpful to remember when searching for suits.


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Finally, be supportive. Admire women’s choices to rock whatever bathing suit they want. Pick something that makes you feel beautiful and your confidence will shine through. It’s time to hit the beach!
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